Wednesday briefs

Awesome reset: Putin is now threatening to help Iran get nukes faster due to the mild sanctions being slapped on him over the Crimea. Yeah, we can totally ignore foreign policy, because we have these great big oceans separating us from most of the world. Oh. Wait.

But hey, they’re great at getting mad over words. Just words. Remember when Obama said that while he was running? “Just words.” Well, they took Netanyahu to the woodshed over words his defense minister said. The words? Obama “looks weak” on Iran. See above. Also: Looks like the long knives of the Obama administration are out for Ya’alon. But not Putin. Because that would make far more sense.

Pound them harder next time: The IDF struck Syrian army positions in response to terrorists from Syria attacking an IDF Jeep on the Israel side of the border. Of course the Syrians are warning that Israel could destabilize the Middle East if they do it again. Gee. You think the Middle East is stable, Syria? That’s so adorable.

Red on red: Hamas is calling the Egyptian blockade of Gaza a “crime against humanity”. You know who isn’t? All of the people who call Israel’s blockade of Gaza a crime against humanity. What time is it? Say it with me, people: Israeli Double Standard Time.

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