Tuesday briefs

It will make a perfect target: Hamas unveiled a statue of an M-75 rocket and declared its intent to target all of Israel. Please, please, please, drop a bomb on it. What a statement that would make.

Play it down, media, play it down: The New York Times does not disappoint in its mealy-mouthed coverage of Israel’s seizure of hundreds of missiles and thousands of rounds of ammunition heading from Iran to Gaza.

Israel Displays Arms It Says Were Headed to Gaza

Right. Because “Made in Iran” stamped on them wasn’t proof enough they were Iranina. And always, always question Israeli spokespeople and never question Palestinians.

Jews, out of Europe: It continues. Nazi graffiti was painted on a Jewish school in Sweden.

Because it’s not the number one reason for negotiating with the Palestinians: Two-thirds of Israelis don’t trust John Kerry on Israel’s security. I think I’ve figured it out. Kerry thinks he can run for president if he gets a peace plan signed, and he thinks it will be enough to overcome the Hillary machine. (Why, oh why did I dream about her last night? Ugh. At least I made her pay for dinner.)

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2 Responses to Tuesday briefs

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Meryl, I really like your Daily (well almost daily) Briefs reports.

    As for John F. Kerry, I’m with two thirds of Israelis. For that matter, I don’t trust him on the security of the US.

    You’re right, he’s deluding himself if he thinks he can beat the Clinton Machine. What’s more, all the Pumas in the Jackass Party, who were so angry that Hillary was passed over in 2008, will be gunning to make sure she wins. Obumbler beat her out for the nomination and they will figure it’s Hillary’s turn.

  2. Kerry is another Ivy Leaguer who thinks he knows something but does not know what he does not know. But he is typical State Department clown.

    As to the Hamas rocket: Have the photo drones seen crowds circling around it and then praying to it facing east? I would not bomb it. I would, instead cover it with Spam and mustard.

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