Spinning the Iranian war against Israel

The IDF tracked and intercepted an Iranian shipment of long-range missiles that were headed towards Gaza(video below). The media is doing its damnedest to downplay the event. Note the scare quotes and “Israel said” phrase throughout nearly all of the articles.


The Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday it intercepted an Iranian shipment of “advanced” weapons bound for “terrorist organizations” operating in Gaza.

Note the New York Times headline:

Israel Says It Seized Ship in Red Sea With Load of Iranian Rockets Headed to Gaza


Israel says it stopped Iranian arms shipment destined for Gaza Strip

And deep inside the article:

It is not the first time that Israel has claimed to have intercepted a weapons shipment from Iran. In 2011, Israeli commandos discovered 50 tons of concealed weaponry being transported from Syria to the Egyptian port of Alexandria. Two years earlier, the military uncovered 500 tons of Iranian-made weapons on a ship traveling to Latakia in Syria.

Each time, reporters were supplied photographic and video evidence that the weapons were Iranian made. And yet, they continue to pretend that they don’t have all the facts yet. This BBC news brief is my favorite so far. It utterly drips with charges that Israel is making it all up.

Israel says it has seized a ship carrying advanced Iranian weapons made in Syria that was heading towards Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has released pictures of weapons, which they say were onboard a Panamanian-flagged vessel boarded by Israeli naval commandos in the Red Sea off the coast of Sudan.

They improved their update slightly. But of course, they can’t allow Israel to do anything unquestioned.

The BBC’s Yolande Knell in Jerusalem says Israeli television is showing footage of what appear to be commandos inspecting a large rocket in a ship’s hold.

And they absolutely must present the Iran and Hamas side of the issue. Because then they get to accuse Israel of lying, evidence be damned.

Once again, Reuters is showing almost even-handedness. A

And then there’s the AP, on Fox News. I’m betting the headline was written by a Fox News editor. But the lead is pretty good, for a change.

Israeli naval raid nabs Gaza-bound arms from Iran
Israeli naval forces raided a ship in the Red Sea early Wednesday, capturing a shipment of dozens of advanced rockets from Iran destined to Palestinian militants in Gaza that would have given them greater reach to strike much of Israel, the military said.

The M-302 rockets were on route in an elaborate smuggling operation orchestrated by Iran, the military said. Manufactured in Syria, the rockets were flown to Iran, then shipped from its Bandar Abbas port to Iraq to cover their tracks and loaded onto the civilian cargo ship destined for Sudan. From there, they were to be smuggled overland through Egypt to the Gaza Strip, military spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner told reporters.

What’s interesting is that nowhere is there a protest that Israel seized the ship in international waters–remember, that was the big thing about Israel stopping the Mavi Marmara from breaking the Gaza blockade. Looks like the anti-Israel crowd only cry foul when their precious victims aren’t caught red-handed trying to smuggle weapons through the blockade.

But hey. They’ll find a way to do it, I’m sure. Meantime, here is the evidence the IDF is sending ’round the world.

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