Sunday pre-snowstorm briefs

WTF is wrong with him? The Mossad has been extremely successful in killing Iranian nuclear scientists, so of course, Barack Obama wants them to stop. Why? The author doesn’t say. Do you think that the Iranians demanded that secretly as a requirement to move ahead with talks? I wouldn’t be surprised. Obama is all about yielding to our enemies.

Oh, it’s totally not important: Obama blew off a national security meeting about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Because it’s not like they’re ramping up for a war after Russia invaded and took over airports in the Crimea. Oh. Wait. Gee, now would be a good time for the UN to step in, huh? Oh, wait. Russia would veto any Security Council measures on this. Looks like Obama can’t even get out a strongly-worded warning. After all, he did have his people point out that it wasn’t an invasion. It was an “uncontested arrival” of the Russian army. I’m starting to think the entire Obama foreign policy consists of him sticking his fingers in his ears and saying, “LALALALA, I can’t HEAR you!” By the way, click that link. Imagine if a Republican president had said “But enough about Russia and Ukraine, it’s time for DNC Happy Hour!” Double standard? Yeah, we got that.

Oh, I totally believe him: The latest Iranian president continues in the long tradition of lying about using nuclear weapons. And Reuters is totally eating it up.

A moderate elected by landslide last June, Rouhani has broken with tradition and pursued compromise with the United States and its allies on uranium enrichment, a sensitive issue that resulted in global economic sanctions against Iran.

Okay, enough of the bad news. Here, enjoy a great video by Matisyahu, featuring most of Israel.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Anybody who has ever read a spy novel ought to be able to recognuize what Rouhani’s role is: he’s the nice man coming in after the mean man has softened the prisoner up for interrogation. In Rouhani’s case, he is spreading oil and getting in return gutting of the sanctions. I’ve never believed the sanctions were going to stop the Ayatollahs from carrying through on their nuclear bomb projects and development of missiles to carry them, but the sanctions were the only thing (except cyberwar attacks) slowing them down.

    I have long thought that when the Iranians got near to success they would switch to honeyed words and agreeableness to forstall more vigorous action by the US or Israel. That’s Rouhani’s job, and he is doing it very well. They had Ahmedinejad to stoke the nervousness and fear, then replaced him with a feel-good guy. The relief of the Western countries is palpable, and they are using it as an excuse to get back into making money by trading with the Ayatollahs. The feckless naivete of our “statesmen” is well nigh unbelieveable. Obama is far more ruthless in domestic affairs. Why can’t he treat America’s adversaries and enemies the way he treats the Tea Party? Because he knows who HIS enemies are, and they are not the enemies of the USA.

    So I conclude that the Iranians are very close to success with their bomb projects. We will wake up one day to the sound of the Ayatollahs threatening both Israel and the US with nukes, and our National Security officials will be just as surprised by the event as they were by the Russian invasion of the Crimea the other day, that is flabbergasted by something they thought would never happen.

  2. Gary Rosen says:

    If you thought things couldn’t get worse, guess again. Get a load of this:

    Obama threatens Israel

    Apparently Obama is going to be tougher on Israel than on the Russians.

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