Wednesday briefs

If it ain’t anti-Israel, it ain’t Vick’s words: Time Magazine managed to talk to an Israeli source confirming that Israel destroyed some nasty missiles headed for Hizballah’s stores in Lebanon. The story is completely objective and fact-based, without a single anti-Israel word in it. Note that it is double-bylined: Karl Vick (rhymes with dick) and Aaron J. Klein. How much you want to be that all Vick (rhymes with dick) wrote was his own byline?

Color me stunned: This AP piece is as objective as the one above. I guess the editors figure there’s no way they can paint Hezballah in a positive light when it’s caught red-handed trying to get major weapons to use against Israel.

Best Piers Morgan takedown ever: Read every word. And then cheer for the demise of one of the worst hosts CNN ever had the misfortune to hire.

Today’s Muslim Outrage target: Katy Perry. I don’t actually care at all what she does, but boy, she stepped in it now that the unforgiving Islamist Rage is heading her way.

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