Boom boom bye bye: The IAF apparently hit a missile base on the Lebanese-Syria border, which means the missiles were heading for Lebanon to be used against Israel. The Arab press is reporting lots of dead terrorists. Here’s hoping. The AP is reporting nothing at all. Yes, they made a huge deal over Netanyahu refusing to confirm whether or not Israel bombed a Syrian/Hezbollah missile base. Quel surprise.

Oh, look, Venezuela is burning: Now that the Olympics are over, the media finally noticed the people of Venezuela fighting against dictatorship.

Now that’s my kind of mediation: An al-Qaeda jihadi sent to Syria to mediate the current infighting between terrorist groups was blown up by a rival terrorist group. Awesome. If only they all did this, every week, there’d be no more terrorists to worry about.

Oldest living Holocaust survivor passes: Read the bio. What a wonderful woman. She lived to 110.

Lawfare done right: Pando has an in-depth article on how the Arab Bank finances terrorism against Israel (and probably America), and the lawyer who is suing them for billions in damages for the victims.

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