Coming down the home stretch

I’ve had some kind of annoying infection for the last couple of weeks or so, which impacted negatively on my writing ability, what with being exhausted, crabby, and stupid due to illness.

That said, I got a great amount of writing done today. I’m in the home stretch, about to reach the finish line. I don’t think I can achieve it tomorrow, but definitely in the next few days (though I’m seriously thinking of taking at least half of Monday off to finish the book if I’m that close).

My March publication date is effectively firm, assuming the copy edit and proofreading go well. I know the typesetting won’t be an issue, since I’m doing it myself. Someone remind me to give myself a raise.

Book three is going to take a lot less time than book two. My life is far less complicated these days, thankfully. A happy Meryl is a productive Meryl. I’ve been pretty productive since December.

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