Friday briefs

Venezuela is burning, and the world doesn’t care: I just checked my Google News feed, and there’s not a single story about Venezuela in either Top News or the World categories. Meantime, the tropical basij rode motorcyles through the night, killing civilians who weren’t even protesting, the military bombarded apartment buildings with tear gas canisters, and nobody in the mainstream media cares. A friend on my FB feed commented that she gets her international news from Imgur now. Sadly, they’ve been covering the Venezuelan protests better and longer than the MSM. You know what’s high up on the “Top Stories” list? Jimmy Fallon. Because he’s SO much more important than Venezuelans being murdered by thugs.

Yeah, who didn’t see this coming? Considering that the Islamists are still calling Spain “Al-Andalus”, is anyone surprised that Muslims want in on the repatriation of Spanish citizenship that it’s giving Spain’s Jews? Pssst… here’s a hint… if you got tossed out because YOU INVADED THE COUNTRY, you don’t get to claim citizenship.

Still no 45-minute dressing-down: The prime minister of Turkey announced that there will be no deal with Israel until the “siege” of Gaza is lifted–this, after months of negotiations leading to an Israeli payoff to the families of the nine terrorists of the Mavi Marmara. Let us remember that Hillary Clinton called Benjamin Netanyahu and yelled at him for 43 minutes. Well, President Obama called his best bud Erdogan and told him he really, really should make nice with Israel.

A statement released by the White House regarding the two leaders’ conversation noted that the two spoke of “the importance of quickly concluding (Turkey’s) normalization agreement with Israel.”

Compare this to the 43 minutes Bibi had to listen to Hillary shriek over the phone–because tenders for new buildings were issued by a government office over which he had no control. During the peace process. You know, the process where Palestinian spokesliars keep on saying things like Israel is deliberately sabotaging the peace process. This goes unchallenged and unpunished. Because that’s the narrative. It’s always Israel’s fault, even though, clearly, it is not.

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