The what day is this? briefs

This is why Israel shouldn’t be paying a dime: Erdogan says there will be no normalizing of relations with Turkey unless Israel lifts the “siege” of Gaza. Sure, stop the IDF from preventing Syria, Lebanon, and Iran from transporting tons of weapons openly. Because what country doesn’t want to be part of its own destruction? By the way, it’s interesting to note that the Obama administration pressured Israel to make nice with Turkey, but there is no evidence it is doing the same with Turkey. Sure, he’s Israel greatest friend. Uh-huh.

Take that, BDSholes: This is highly amusing. An Israeli scholar is trying to get other scholars to retract or disavow references in their theses to any scholar that supports divestment from Israel.

“Obviously, my request for Penn State to allow me to remove references to her work is symbolic, really a political gesture, and I was hyperbolic and dramatic about it to make this point. But, really, even having her name associated with my writing makes me very ashamed,” Hiuni said.

Another Palestinian criticism of Kerry that will be ignored: The Palestinians are calling Kerry’s plan “useless“. There is no administration backlash or threats. Gee, it’s almost like they only pick on Israel, or something.

The horrifying Iranian naval tour: J.E. Dyer has the most amusing take on Iran’s threats to violate American territorial waters with its fearful two-boat armada. You should read it for a giggle or two.

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