Friday makeup briefs

Not another word about the Koch Brothers: Liberals are outspending conservatives in the race to put money into super-PACs. By how much? Nearly three times.

Oh my God, people, GET OVER IT: Americans still blame Bush for the lousy economy. Seriously? Because the housing bubble started on Clinton’s watch, and exploded during W.’s last year. In other news: The average American is an idiot.

Confirmed: Islamists have no sense of humor. Neither do the rest of the Lebanese, apparently.

With good reason: Seventy percent of Israelis don’t think the U.S. can be relied on to protect Israeli security interests. The funnier part of the poll: Sixty-seven percent agree with the recent criticism of John Kerry. However, Israel is doing damage control. Avigdor Lieberman is calling Kerry a “true friend of Israel“. Yes, because true friends do their best to dismantle the protections Israel has built up against terrorism over the years–like the Jordan Valley issue. Also, Kerry is doing the things that Democrats do best: trying to go around Netanyahu by making nice with other politicians. Kerry’s current favorite is Yair Lapid. Well, it’s better than choosing Meretz.

So incompetence is not an obvious reason? Joe Biden is living in fantasyland, thinking that he’s going to run for president. He sees “no obvious reason” not to run. I hope he does. I want him to split the Dems from anointing Her Majesty, Billary Clinton II.

Yeah, but I don’t care: Let’s see, I rarely watched Leno, I will never watch Fallon (gawd, he’s awful), and I didn’t tune in to Leno’s last show. But you have to acknowledge the irony. NBC screwed over Letterman to give Leno The Tonight Show. Now they’re screwing over Leno to give it to Fallon. Suggestion: Don’t work for NBC late night.

I can’t think of a snarky lead-in, because this man needs to die: Bashar al-Assad is publishing pictures of himself and his despicable wife looking like the humanitarians they are–visting babies while dropping barrels of explosives that murder and harm thousands of civilians. Won’t somebody please assassinate this horrible person?

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