Wednesday briefs

CVS goes nonsmoking: CVS is going to stop selling cigarettes in October, which will lose them about $2 billion in revenue. The cynic in me says they’re doing it for publicity, but the tiny part of me that is not cynical thinks it makes sense to be a drugstore and not sell cancer sticks. The nonsmoker in me approves. But I wonder if CVS will also refuse to sell marijuana if/when it becomes legal to sell in drugstores.

Scapegoats found: They killed Philip Seymour Hoffman, therefore, they must be punished. NYPD arrested four suspects who they think sold Hoffman the heroin that killed him. Isn’t it amazing how they manage to find and punish people like this when a celebrity dies, but there is still no justice for Katie Granju’s son–who died in the hospital after his “friends” refused to call 911, and who might have been saved.

Pot, meet kettle: I mean, really. The UN has the gall to lecture the Catholic Church about sex abuse scandals involving minors? Pardon me while I chant “a plague on both their houses!”

Why? Why are they getting one thin dime? Israel is negotiating a $20 million dollar payment to the families of the dead terrorists from the Mimbletonian Marbleboat. There is no reason they should be paying this money out. The people who died boarded that boat with the express purpose of murdering Israelis.

Tick-tock: Iran is using the talks to cheat and retreat, with the willing aid of idiots like Catherine Ashton. Yes, Virginia, there will be an Iranian nuclear bomb, and it will be soon.

Israeli Samurais: Israel named its new boat, designed to protect the oil rigs (among other things) the Katana. We approve.

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