Sunday un-Super briefs

What a boring game. I tuned in a bit. My cousins the Seahawk fans are happy, but what a yawner. Just like John Kerry’s peace plan. Except now he’s threatening Israel, then saying he’s not, then threatening Israel for saying he’s threatening them. Whatta guy. Meantime, has he ever threatened the Palestinians? Of course not.

Of course they are: Hamas is going to let more rockets fall, because the IDF retaliated for the rocket fire. I think they think they can get world opinion in an uproar. I wouldn’t count on that much anymore. We may be seeing Middle East fatigue in the world media.

Oh, who am I kidding? If it’s Jews, it’s news. Syria can kill over 100,000 civilians not problem. Israel can’t even kill terrorists without the world getting its panties in a twist.

Here’s hoping: Hamas is expecting a horrible year in 2014. Their funding is down due to the tunnel closures, and Egypt has them in its sights. So yeah, it may be an awful year for them. We can but hope. Mahmoud Abbas, on top of things as always, has decided this is the time for another attempt to make nice with them. Something has to be done. They’re building up their presence in the West Bank.

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