Inside the Obama/Kerry peace plan

Well, this is going to freak out the Palestinians. Martin Indyk spilled some of the beans on the Kerry peace plan framework, and it includes mentioning Jewish refugees from Arab lands as well as Palestinian refugees from Israel.

Talks are also focusing on compensation for Palestinian refugees from 1948, but for the first time, talks also include compensation for Jews who were forced to leave their homes in Arab nations on the eve of Israel’s formation.

The framework deal will also reportedly include an article stipulating an end to Palestinian incitement and include peace-oriented educational program for Palestinians youths.

It is my recommendation that the surviving Jews and the others’ heirs do not hold their breaths waiting for any form of recompense. Or even an apology.

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2 Responses to Inside the Obama/Kerry peace plan

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Wait until somebody tells Kerry it’s in there. It’ll be out faster than a speeding bullet. Whoever in Foggy Bottom let that in will soon become consul-general to Kiribati.

  2. Alex Bensky says:

    The Oslo agreement stipulated an end to Palestinian incitement. It’s been two decades. I can’t quite say that the incitement has increased, because it was and continues to spew from every available source from the PA itself to children’s tv shows. I guess the rise of social media means it’s increased. But as is always the case with Israel, history began this morning, that was then, and besides, from the Jews concessions and deeds and from the Arabs, words that no one thinks they mean.

    Hamas recently had ten thousand kids in camp…I guess it’s just my cultural bias. I went to Boy Scout camp to get merit badges and camp in the woods and the Detroit City Recreation Camp to play games and swim. That’s my culture. In theirs they go to camp to learn how to murder as many Jews as possible. And who am I to impose my cultural values on them?

    I am willing to take bets on whether there will ever be this peace education. Good odds, if anyone’s interested.

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