Wednesday, briefly

Obama’s not gonna like this: Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel isn’t bound by the American ideas for a peace plan. Of course that’s true–there is no signed agreement–but watch for the administration to do something vicious as a result of Bibi’s honesty. Meantime, Tom Friedman is all a-flutter over the proposed Palestinian state, which, the administration told him, will include a capital in east Jerusalem. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That one’s about as good as the time he supposedly got the Saudi peace plan while talking to one of the oil ticks. Right. East Jerusalem–the side which houses the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall, that Jews were forbidden from entering from 1948 to 1967. Yeah, that’s gonna happen. But of course, the blame will all be on Israel’s shoulders–not on Palestinian rejectionism.

The Palestinians are ramping up for war: Terror attacks are up sharply. Palestinians are storing weapons everywhere. Rockets are fired regularly again. And Hamas is digging in for more attacks, while also putting rockets and launchers in even more civilian areas. And oh yeah, al Qaeda has a presence in the terrortories [sic] now.

What part of “no” don’t you understand? So, think John Kerry is gonna give this guy a tongue-lashing or what? Hamas said again that it will never, ever, no, not gonna happen, forget about it, nuh-uh, not gonna recognize Israel. Not ever.

Hamas announced on Tuesday that it would never accept the two-state solution or give up “one inch of the land of Palestine.”

Its announcement came in response to statements attributed to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to the effect that the Islamist movement had “authorized” him to agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state along the pre-1967 lines.

Hamas said it never gave Abbas or anyone else a mandate to agree to the two-state solution.

Of course not. The U.S., the EU, and the UN all pretend that there can be a Palestinian peace process if they just ignore that green crescent flag in the corner–the one covering the bombs, guns, and rockets. I’d love to see just one reporter–just one–ask President Obama “How can we negotiate with the Palestians for a two-state solution while Hamas is running Gaza?” Of course, he wouldn’t answer the question, but I’d still like to see it. However, the White House Press Corps is too busy salivating over The One and wondering who will be the next to be pulled into a high-profile, megabuck-possible Administration position.

Cynical much? Yeah, I didn’t get much sleep last night.

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  1. mrzee says:

    I don’t think your lack of sleep has anything to do with it. The entire diplomatic effort of the US in the Israli-Arab conflict has been a huge case of “make believe” since the days of William Rogers. They have to keep pretending it’s a territorial conflict so they can keep pretending they can come up with a solution.

    Even the Soviet Union didn’t cling to their failed ideology as long as the international community has clung to the Two-State Solution.

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