Monday briefs

Israeli bombs in Syria: At least one country understands that Iran is trying to arm itself in Syria. The IDF reportedly bombed some S300 missile launchers inside Syria. No doubt the Obama Administration will leak the exact details soon enough. Israel Hayom points out that the attack came shortly after Lebanon complained that the IDF was violating its airspace. I’m guessing there was activity between Syria and Lebanon that needed stopping. As to why I’m naming Iran and not al-Assad, well, read this. It won’t give you any comfort, however.

The rising European anti-Semitic tide: Yeah, this is familiar to anyone who follows the left. France held a “Day of Anger” to protest the president’s policies, so of course it ended with Jew-hatred and neo-Nazi salutes. The number of French Jews making aliyah to Israel is up this year. Gee, I wonder why.

Anti-Semitism in Rome: Pigs heads were sent to the Israeli embassy and a synagogue on Rome. Move along, nothing to see here–there will be no world outcry like there would have been had it been mosques. Russia had a similar incident last month. But again, it’s Jews. Move along. Stop whining.

Maybe Jimmy Carter can spin this as friendly trash-talking: Hamas is teaching its children to “annihilate Israel“. Say, remember all those op-eds by Jimmy Carter insisting that Hamas could make peace with Israel? You think he just maybe, might have been wrong?

But they want peace, really they do: You would think that a people interested in peace and the two-state solution would want to extend peace talks beyond the original time period, if they’re not working. But no. Once again, the Palestinians are going to walk away when they don’t get what they want–and the world will blame Israel and ignore the Palestinian responsibility for the talks’ failure. Also, don’t expect Obama and Kerry to badmouth the Palestinians in the press the way they do Netanyahu. Never mind that the majority of Israelis agree with Netanyahu, elected Netanyahu, and will likely elect him again if it comes to that. Obama disagrees with him, and that’s all there is to it.

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