Wednesday news briefs

Why the left hates Jews: Read this in its entirety; it’s a history of how the so-called democratic left managed to keep Jew hatred as its mainstay throughout the last two centuries. And why the quenelle is but the latest symbol of Jew-hatred not a so-called “anti-establishment” neo-Nazi salute.

Palestinian terrorists gunning for Israel and America: The Shin Bet caught three terrorists–including an Arab-Israeli from East Jerusalem–plotting with al Qaeda to attack the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv. The other two Palestinians were from the West Bank. Al Qaeda is ramping up its presence in the Palestinian terrortories[sic]. But sure, push that peace plan forward, Mr. President. And don’t forget, it’s Israeli settlements that are the issue–not Palestinian rejectionism.

Rockets and bombs and silence: It’s amazing how attacks from Gaza are almost literally ignored by most of the world, who then go on to press Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. John Kerry talks about a Palestinian state, but he never mentions what is going to happen to Gaza. Funny, that. But boy, does he manage to get all bent out of shape when an Israeli minister speaks the truth about his Israel obsession.

Now the news media pays attention: Since Israel struck back and killed two of the terrorists firing rockets, well, it’s news. Trust the Guardian to use a headline that gives zero context, of course. We don’t call it al-Guardian for nothing.

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