Your web manager tip of the day

You know those “Top xx” lists you see that are clickbait but also something you’d be interested in reading? Like any of Popular Mechanic’s lists? I’m looking at their top 10 carpet cleaning secrets from the pros right now.

Hate clicking “next” nine times or more? Have I got a tip for you!

I use Firefox. You can’t do this with Internet Explorer. But in Firefox, click on View, then choose Page Style/No style. This gives you the page the way it looks in basic CSS. Surprise! The top ten (or top 50 or top 100) lists are all on one page.

I use it only on a tab and then revert or close the tab when I’m finished reading the list. But it sure makes it easier to browse. I hate the new style of web browsing a zillion pages to read one article. I don’t care for the blogs on DC Caller for that reason. I want to read more than one blog post at a time. I hate clicking the “next” button, and it’s a cheap way to get pageviews. Or eyes on your ads.

As for the top ten carpet cleaning tips: Too much work. I just use the pet stain remover on hairballs and other cat leakages. It works fine.

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One Response to Your web manager tip of the day

  1. Veeshir says:

    Thanks for the “view” advice.

    I won’t click those slideshows if there are more than 2 pages, in other words, I only read Cracked’s lists.

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