Tigger’s turn

Mr. Tig in the snow that hit Richmond yesterday.

Can you tell I’m not in the mood to post anything serious?

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4 Responses to Tigger’s turn

  1. Elisson says:

    Amazing… a cat that comes when summoned.

  2. He always has. So have his two predecessors. Tigger 2 had a fairly wide outdoor range (this one does not). When I lived in NJ, he’d be all the way down the sidewalk near the street. So I taught him to come to a whistle. This one does the same when he gets away from me. Of course, they don’t come as FAST as a dog does. But they both learned to come when I call.

  3. Pamela says:

    Oh my. How long did it take Tigger to thaw his paws out?

  4. Oh, not long. He got snow all over the kitchen.

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