Thursday briefs

The elephant in the peace talks room: Somehow, when John Kerry talks about peace, the topic of the terrorists controlling Gaza never seems to come up. It doesn’t seem to matter to Kerry and the EU that a significant portion of the Palestinian state will be run by people whose stated goal is to eliminate Israel. (The rest will be run by people who pretend it isn’t their stated goal.) And they’re firing rockets again. Iron Dome intercepted some, and nobody was hurt. But things are heating up again. Expect the recriminations to come against Israel when the IDF retaliates.

In your quenelle, Doodoone: I’m torn on this one. I no longer believe in any hate speech laws, but I do so love it when an anti-Semitic bastard like France’s Dieudonne is forced by the laws to cancel his latest tour because they found his show to be viciously anti-Semitic. Let’s all give him a rousing middle-finger salute, which I shall call the anti-quenelle.

Paying tribue to a lion: Soldiers continue to pay tribute to Ariel Sharon, saying he won the Yom Kippur War for Israel. Not singlehandedly, but his tactics were instrumental to Israel’s victory.

Yosi Regev, who commanded the first company that crossed the Suez Canal, added that Sharon sat in the fifth tank in line to cross the canal: “It was very impressive to see the general take action. His leadership and his calmness were what brought us to win the battle in 1973.”

He only spoke the truth: The Obama administration is super-pissed at Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who made the mistake of telling the truth to a reporter that he thought was off the record:

“American Secretary of State John Kerry, who turned up here determined and acting out of misplaced obsession and messianic fervor, cannot teach me anything about the conflict with the Palestinians,” Yaalon said, according to the paper.

He forgot “egotistical”. Kerry wants his Nobel, and he doesn’t care how much he has to screw Israel–and ignore Palestinian rejectionism–to do it. So of course he had to apologize.

You know what you’ll never see? A demand for a Palestinian apology. Or the news media running a thousand stories on how angry Obama is that the Palestinians are doing everything in their power to block peace. Because Israeli Double Standard Time, and you know the rest.

Of course it isn’t: In Canada, the nation that prosecuted Mark Steyn for “insulting Islam”, you can grab a girl by the hair, hold a lighter to her head, say “Let’s burn the Jew” and actually burn her–and a judge will rule that it isn’t anti-Semitism. It was just a typical episode of bullying, you see. “Impulsive teenage action”. Also, Poles can chant “Move on, Jews! Your home is at Auschwitz! Send you to the gas (chamber)!” and the Polish prosecutor sees nothing anti-Semitic about that.

Gee, why is it that we want Israel to remain the lone redoubt for Jews, again? Oh, right. That.

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