Monday briefs

Farewell, Arik: The AP surprises with an almost balanced story on Ariel Sharon’s funeral.

Because REPUBLICAN! The media has found a scandal about misuse of government influence it can sink its teeth into. The IRS targeting conservative groups in a successful attempt to alter the outcome of the 2012 presidential election? Don’t be ridiculous. It’s far more important than that. They have a Republican governor who may have deliberately caused a traffic jam in Fort Lee out of spite. Traffic jam in NYC media area totally outweighs a scandal now in its 249th day, that is going to be investigated by an Obama supporter and donor. Because nothings says heavy-hitting investigation like someone who paid money to elect you investigating a scandal in your administration. But don’t worry. As soon as the media gets done with Christie, they’ll target the next Republican that looks like he might make a run for president in 2016.

The media war: An article on how the IDF has ramped up its social media outreach. CNet quotes the liar/founder of the Electronic Intifada uncritically, but it’s still an interesting read.

They kissed and made up: Iran and Hamas, together again, and the Guardian couldn’t be happier. Astonishingly, they don’t slam Israel in this puff piece on the terrorist organization being welcomed back into the Iranian fold.

Everything old is new again: Russia is turning back into the Soviet Union, complete with monitoring citizens for being “negatively minded”.

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  1. mrzee says:

    Is Russia turning into the Soviet Union or Obama’s America?

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