Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon, a giant of modern Israel died this morning, after lying in a coma for eight years. Ynet has a pictorial article. Look at the photo of him carrying a sheep on his farm, and you’ll see where he was happiest. He’s going to be buried there, next to his wife. But Ariel Sharon was probably the greatest military strategist of the modern Israeli era. His encirclement of the Egyptian army in the Yom Kippur War is the stuff of legends, and helped to turn the tide against Israel’s enemies.

The Palestinians, of course, have nothing but bad things to say, but nobody expected Hamas to do anything but cheer that Sharon is gone. You do have to scratch your head at this quote, though:

“We have become more confident in victory with the departure of this tyrant,” said Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zurhi, whose movement preaches the destruction of the Jewish state.

Seriously? Your victory is more assured now because a man who was in a coma these last eight years has died? Really, are all members of Hamas this moronic?

Regardless, Israel has lost a lion. May his memory be a blessing, and may another rise in his stead in Israel’s need.

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3 Responses to Ariel Sharon

  1. long_rifle says:

    A great man.

    There’s nothing else I or anyone can say besides that. To say anything else would belittle him, and his deeds.

  2. Herschel says:

    Israel lost a founding father and warrior eight years ago that will be difficult to replace. His insightful approach to a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza made Israelis and others finally realize that the Muslims do not simply want the 1949 armistice land for peace, but all of Israel!
    Too bad he did not live long enough to see the Gaza withdrawal consequences and be able to formulate a permanent plan B.

    Meryl, your question “are all members of Hamas this moronic?” is self explanatory.
    We all know what the answer is based on their prior deeds and multiple Arabic language speeches that the media is to lazy or, corrupt, to investigate.

  3. mrzee says:

    ” are all members of Hamas this moronic?”

    I would think they pick their best and brightest for spokesliars.

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