A cat that plays fetch

The lighting isn’t all that great, but I learned today that Meimei plays fetch. With a ball.

She brought it all the way upstairs after I got tired of playing and headed for my office. So now I’m throwing it for her again.

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6 Responses to A cat that plays fetch

  1. Grantman says:

    I had a cat 30 years ago, Spook, who used to fetch crumpled pieces of paper we’d toss from the bed to the next room. Funny as all get out. Not that many cats do it, but those who do are very, very special.

  2. Cameron says:

    One of mine will do something similar with his mouse. Not only that but he sings the Song of the Mousy Slayer while he carries his prey around.

  3. LOL at the Song of the Mousey Slayer.

    Grantman, she also fetches balls of paper and the crinkly ball, something the foster home gave me. It’s made of some crinkly plastic/aluminum material. I had a cat, ages ago, who played fetch. Tig the second did, but grew out of it. This one, I think, is going to be doing it her entire life. She keeps dragging things upstairs for me to play with her, including a four-foot quarter-inch rope. I never use string, because they can eat it. They love chewing on the rope when they’re young.

  4. Herschel says:

    Meimei looks wonderful!
    My Coco loves to fetch toys as they bounce down the stairs, try bouncing the toy down the stairs and watch her fly down to get it and bring it back to you.

  5. Is it a Siamese thing, Herschel? Because she already drops the ball down the stairs and chases it. So funny.

    I wonder if she learned how to amuse herself because she spent a lot of time being locked up alone in the guest room? First, while she was getting acclimated from being feral to being a housecat, and then two weeks in prison after being spayed.

  6. Cameron says:

    What makes the Song even more impressive is that he’s able to sing it with a mouthful of toy mouse.

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