Late night briefs

Of course they won’t: The State Department acknowledges that Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority is teaching Palestinians to hate Jews, but they won’t admonish them in public. Because that won’t fit the narrative of the poor, helpless victims. And besides, the Obama Administration only publicly admonishes Israel. Because buildings are the true obstacle to peace–not teaching Palestinian children to hate Israelis so much that they grow up to kill them.

Yet another Iranian talking about nukes and Israel: But hey, we can negotiate with these people. Honest. Just ask Kerry and Obama. God–if there was a more incompetent president in living memory, I can’t think of one. This guy is worse than Carter. And Carter sucked. Funny, how much both of them screwed Israel.

Cheat and retreat: Now that Iran has gotten what it wants–billions of dollars from sanctions lifted–there’s no longer any pretense of stopping nuclear work. Smart power!

Gee, ya think? Dennis Rodman is being used as a doormat, say North Korean defectors. But Rodman doesn’t care. Honestly, the man is an attention whore, and nothing else. Maybe we should all start ignoring him and let him fall into anonymity. Or maybe we should wait for the inevitable dust-up with Kim. Anyone want to bet me that Rodman ends up in a North Korean prison?

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2 Responses to Late night briefs

  1. We are never surprised by the peculiar behavior of this—or most previous—administrations. Kerry proves daily that he is incompetent and the President proves daily that he is intimidated by anyone with intelligence.

  2. Stretch says:

    Rodman’s behavior and speech patterns are like those I observed in inmates when I was a corrections officer.
    In my non-medical opinion Rodman is suffering from one or more of the following:
    Alcoholic hallucinosis.
    Acute cocaine or meth neurotoxicity.

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