Thursday briefs

But I thought the Antarctic ice is melting? A team of scientists have been rescued from a ship that’s been stuck “unusually thick” Antarctic ice for ten days. Funny, just yesterday I saw a WWF commercial telling me how thin the ice was and that polar bears are going to be dead in 50 years. I don’t understand. How can both things be true? Oh, wait, I see. The polar ice caps are growing. So yes, the polar bears are going to die. Because it will be too cold or something. Wait for it.

Update: You know what I didn’t get from that CNN article, even though I read most of it? The information in the last four paragraphs. Which is where CNN tells you the scientists were studying climate change.

Turney’s expedition to gauge the effects of climate change on the region began on November 27.

Oh, the irony.

Building the narrative early: Palestinians are using the peace talks as a cover to restart their terror war with Israel. Because if the talks fail–as they surely will, since the Palestinians have said time and again they will not agree to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state or leaving the IDF in the Jordan Valley–they’re going to start killing Israelis again. And blaming Israel for it. Because the world will go along with this farce yet again. Besides, Kerry gave them an excuse when he asked Israelis if they were ready for a third intifada if they didn’t make peace with the Palestinians.

More lies from the media: The Palestinians claim an 85-year-old man died from a tear gas canister that wound up in his home during a protest in his neighborhood. Every other supposed death by tear gas has been debunked. But don’t let that stop Reuters from publishing more lies. What I don’t understand is why the Israeli press passes along this crap.

Of course they do: Hamas rejects Egypt’s classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists. Well, duh. Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. And they’re not terrorists. Just ask them.

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