“Improper user of safe”?

And the best euphemism for “Storing explosives in a safe” goes to: Xinhua, the Chinese state news service, for their explanation of why a Palestinian ambassador was blown up by his own safe. But if this quote is true, the Prague police department is tied for the award.

The explosion on Wednesday that claimed the life of the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic was caused by inexpert manipulation of a safe in the sitting room, said Prague Police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova.

She said it was not an act of terrorism.

Of course it is, but it is an act of terrorism gone wrong–a work accident. Here’s the real reason the safe exploded:

The safe was recently moved from the old embassy building, but it had come from a building that used to house the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s offices in the 1980s.

“The ambassador decided to open it. After he opened it, apparently something happened inside (the safe) and went off,” Malki told The Associated Press.

It was not immediately clear how Malki knew the safe had been untouched for more than 20 years or why the safe would have contained something explosive.

Hm. Let’s think. The safe used to belong to the PLO. The PLO used to blow shit up. But it’s not immediately clear why there would be explosives in the safe. Man, the AP is dumb.

It’s just a shame the explosives didn’t blow up on the person who put the them in the safe. But as the ambassador was a member of Fatah, I’m sure he was no innocent. And he probably knew all about what was inside the safe.

Starting in 1984, he served as a diplomat in Prague, eventually as acting ambassador.

Live by the boom….

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    I’m usually opposed to sending the plastinians money but if someone wanted to sponsor a program to beat him out for the 2014 Darwin Award, I think I could support it. :-)

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