Off having a life

Services this morning, laser tag and go-karts with my nephew this afternoon, and writing tonight.

Meimei is mostly recovered from being spayed. I let her out when I got home, and put her back when she annoyed the crap out of me to the point where I couldn’t write. I’ve been writing every day again and moving the book closer and closer to completion. So into prison she went, and Tig, bored, took a nap. I may let her out again since I’m not heading to bed for a while.

Max and I had such a wonderful afternoon. We played two games of laser tag. The first had a mix of third grade girls and assorted grownups. I talked everyone into playing teams, because it’s much more fun than free-for-all. I tend to guard the base when we play teams, and I have a blast doing that. Max was on the other team, and every time our guys charged his base, I could hear his voice saying loudly, in perfect Gandalf intonation, “You shall not pass!” We both did well in that game.

The second game was Max, me, and five teenaged boys, who looked horrified to be stuck with a middle-aged woman and a boy who seems much younger than his twelve years (he’s very short, but he’ll catch up soon). One of them actually asked me if I could shoot and run at the same time. I told him that I just played the game, and I liked to guard the base. So guard it I did, and Max and I both kicked butt. We were vastly underestimated by the teenagers. Best part was when one of the other team members came to our base and I shot him. “I already got your base, so it doesn’t matter,” he said. Base is 150 points. “It does if I get you fifteen times,” I said, and shot him probably about that many times. There’s a rapid-fire sequence and I’m pretty good at it.

I came in second for that game. Yeah, we had fun. Today was a good, good day.

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