Well, let’s see. Meimei is still imprisoned in the guest room. I’m not supposed to let her run free for another few days, which is driving all of us crazy. Tig keeps yowling by the door wanting her to come out. She yowls back from the bathroom (where I keep her most of the time). I visit her a few times a day and play with her and pet her, but it’s not enough. She’s so bored. Heck, I’m bored just thinking about how bored she is.

On the good news side, I’m back into my daily writing habit. Book 2 is finally moving forward again. I’ve been averaging 500 words a day. That’s a good enough pace for a March release. Springtime. Gee, I wish it was springtime now. I get pretty tired of winter, what with the early-dark thing. Not very fond of cold weather, either. Springtime, now springtime is great.

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