Friday news briefs

An icon speaks: Abe Foxman has an in-depth interview in the Tablet magazine. Read it all. Here’s just a taste about why so many media outlets focus on Jews:

Number two is, I would say, “Jews are news.” So, we stand out. We’re under a microscope. And in fact, because of this perception that we are better or we are chosen, and we are smarter and we work harder, when this ugliness appears on us, it’s bigger—it’s magnified. I remember I wrote a letter to the New York Times when the Madoff case happened, you know, they wrote about his Jewishness in the first story, even though his Jewishness had no relevance to that case at all.

Fuck you, Dennis Rodman: Sorry, but there’s just no other way to put this. Selfish, self-centered celebrity utterly ignores the horrors of North Korea and insists that his buddy the dictatorial murder is a great guy. It’s all about love, you see.

And while I’m at it, screw you, too: The president is finally going to have another press conference. When? Why, right around General Hospital time, thus forcing us to wait three days to find out that Patrick has chosen Robin (oh, like he’s not gonna choose his wife).

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