Mideast peace: Not gonna happen

John Kerry is of the opinion that he can get a peace plan in place by spring. Pressure Israel all you want, dude. Because this is what you have to deal with, and why there will be no peace agreement:

A PA official told AFP that Abbas rejected the American security ideas. The official said that Abbas delivered a letter to Kerry informing him of his opposition to the ideas.

In the letter, Abbas also reiterated his complete opposition to demands to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the official said.

The letter, according to the official, also outlined the Palestinians’ opposition to any Israeli military presence on the border with Jordan. The official pointed out that the Palestinians were not opposed to the presence of a third party in the Jordan Valley.

Those are the Palestinian version of the Arab League’s Three No’s to Israel: No peace, no recognition, no negotiation about our demands. It’s why I’m not all that worried about Obama trying to force a bad deal down Israel’s throat. The Palestinians want nothing less than 100% accession to their demands–which are the first step, in their minds, to get all of Israel.

Not gonna happen.

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