Friday briefs

Looks like Israelis suck at snow removal: They must be southerners. 1500 drivers stuck, police directing them the wrong way… well, check out the pretty pictures at the link. Don’t worry, I’m sure the Palestinians will find a way to blame this on settlements.

Let the threats begin: Flush with their “success” on Iran, Kerry is trying to push Obama’s peace plan on the Israelis. I’m not nearly as worried as some, because I’m utterly sure the Palestinians are going to refuse no matter what. Remember, they refused plans that gave them pretty much everything they said they wanted. Because what they say they want isn’t what they really want. They want all of Israel, no more, no less. And when I say “push”, I mean, well… take a look.

Concerned that a final status agreement may not be possible by the May target date the two sides accepted when they resumed talks in August, US officials say Kerry is hoping for a framework accord that would contain the principles of a comprehensive pact, but not specific details. If an outline were achieved, the negotiations could be extended beyond the nine-month timeline originally set by Kerry.

The officials, who spoke to reporters aboard Kerry’s plane on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the negotiations publicly, stressed that an agreement on all issues – including security, borders of a future Palestinian state, the status of Jerusalem and the fate of Palestinian refugees – by May remains the goal.

It’s all about the legacy, not about what Israel needs. But this is the deal-breaker, and it won’t be for Israel: “the fate of Palestinian refugees”. No way Abbas agrees to give up the so-called “right of return”. There will be no deal. If Netanyahu were smart, he’d agree to his end and watch the deal crash and burn on the Palestinian side. They’ve already indicated they’re not giving up anything.

How did the BDSholes miss this one? Israel has become the first non-European member of CERN. Looks like some European scientists are unaffected by politics. But don’t worry, I’m sure the BDS morons will pick up on this eventually.

Time for another tear-soaked, lie-filled story about Gaza: Oh, the poor, dear tunnel operators. They’re losing their profits. Concrete prices have risen. The power plant doesn’t have enough fuel. Reuters tells you all about that, but they don’t tell you that the reason the tunnels were shut by Egypt is because Hamas was allowing terrorists to murder Egyptian soldiers, using concrete to build tunnels into Israel to kidnap soldiers and launch terror attacks, and the fuel plant is running low because Hamas refuses to allow Israel to send fuel in.

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