You’ll have to settle for cat pictures. It was a busy day.

Tig and Meimei

They’re not nearly as friendly as that looks. A few moments after this one, Tig whopped Meimei because he wanted her off the shelf. I didn’t get that, but I got this.

Tig bops Meimei

He’s been a little testy this week. It’s pretty funny, because he’s treating her the way Gracie treated him five years or so ago. Not all the time. But he’s not nearly as ready to be pals with Meimei as she is to be pals with him.

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One Response to Busyness

  1. Elisson says:

    Hakuna was like Tig in that respect. She had been bossed around by Matata for years… after Matata had passed on, any time another kitty would visit, Hakuna would be the aggressor. “It took me years to claim my little piece of turf, and you’re not gonna get it away from me!”

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