Yeah, my BS detector was pegged at high, too: Is the Daily News assisting in a hate crime hoax involving Hasidic Jews?

Lies Obama told me: Say, remember how the Obama administration kept saying Netanyahu was exaggerating about the oil revenues Iran is going to get from the easing of sanctions? Well, now they’re admitting they were wrong. $20 billion, not $6-7 billion. Which happens to be–wait for it–the Israeli assessment. Remember, more than 80% of American Jews voted for Obama.

Yeah, money tallks louder than you do:
The PA is asking NBC to cancel a show it’s producing in Israel. And here’s why:

“With the support of Israeli authorities and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, the first season will brand Jerusalem’s history and heritage as a Jewish city and the capital of Israel,” the PLO said Tuesday in a press release, citing the show’s potential influence over “hundreds of millions” of global viewers.

Hey… moron… Jerusalem’s history and heritage is as a Jewish city, and it is the capital of Israel. And these are the people that Obama thinks will make peace with Israel. Riiiight.

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