Thursday briefs

There goes the narrative: Ma’ariv quotes the Jordanians as saying that the Jordan Valley must remain in Israel’s hands in the event of a Palestinian state (Hebrew link). Really, Jordan? Why would you be so anti-Palestinian? What’s that? You’re speaking from experience? (Black September, anyone?) I love it when Arab nations go against the Palestinian narrative. It just proves that we’ve been right all along.

There goes the narrative, part two: French investigators are calling bullshit on the polonium poisoning hoax, saying that Arafat died of natural causes. Of course, the Palestinians are objecting to the French findings. And let’s face it, even the Swiss are calling bullshit:

Some 60 samples were taken from Arafat’s remains in November 2012 and divided between Swiss and Russian investigators and a French team carrying out a probe at his widow’s request.

The Swiss team said the test results neither confirmed nor denied polonium was the actual source of his death, although they provided “moderate” backing for the idea he was poisoned by the rare and highly radioactive element.

But as long as the Palestinians can use this to beat Israel with, they will do so. Schmucks.

A dead terrorist is my favorite kind of terrorist: Aww. He was murdered, and nobody knows whodunit. Of course they’re blaming Israel, but this time, there are many suspects. And if it was Israel, good for them!

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