Back in the saddle

I have a computer again, a stopgap system that I’ll use for the next six months or so until I’m out of debt and ready to buy another computer.

Gawd. I forgot I have to re-educate MS Word on all of the names and Hebrew words in my manuscript, as well as taking off that horrible grammar check. My cats can produce better grammar than the Microsoft grammar checker.

And may I say, if you user Firefox and Thunderbird, you should have MozBackup and periodically back up your data. It is so incredibly wonderful to get all of my Firefox data back in a heartbeat, including my favorites and tabs and saved passwords. Plus, all of my email.

If only there were something like that for some of my other programs. I’m going to have to download the Adobe Cloud products all over again, and I’m not happy with the way this substitute laptop gets hot so quickly. I’m going to have to do this all over again on a new computer. That’s going to change the way I use this one, I think.

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