That horrible deal with Iran

You have to stop for a minute and think about exactly how this Obama deal with Iran came about. His administration held secret talks with the Iranians without informing Israel or Saudi Arabia, two of America’s biggest Mideastern allies, both of whom consider Iran a deadly enemy. And rightly so–Iran wants the end of the Saudi monarchy and, well, how many times have I posted about Iran wanting the end of Israel? I’ve lost count. He didn’t ask for input from either ally, and is now clamping down hard on Benjamin Netanyahu for having the nerve to speak publicly about how bad the deal is for Israel. The famously thin-skinned president’s ego notwithstanding, what has this deal with Iran done for anyone but Iran?

The Obama administration is trying to get Congress to ease up on new sanctions. $$ for Iran!

India is exempted from the Iranian sanctions and is looking to expand trade with Iran. $$ for Iran!

European and American businesses are looking to trade with Iran in the coming months. $$ for Iran!

While Western powers have identified a small group of sectors for Iranian sanction relief, a much wider set of European and U.S. companies—from pharmaceutical firms and medical-equipment makers to food companies and traders—also stands to regain lost Iranian trade as soon as relief measures are formally adopted next month.

Western governments singled out Iran’s automotive and aviation sectors for temporary sanction relief, while allowing petrochemical exports and trade in gold and other precious metals. But the fine print of the deal also clears the way for GlaxoSmithKline GSK.LN +0.06% PLC and Sanofi SA, SAN.FR -1.08% for example, to restart selling many of the drugs they had been forced to cut back on because of increasingly stiff financial sanctions. Siemens AG SIE.XE +0.39% , meanwhile, may now also be able to send in more medical devices.

The deal hasn’t improved Iranian threats on Israel in the least. Quite the contrary, the Iranians are emboldened. They have declared victory over the West and says Iran will not dismantle any nuclear sites. And that’s not even the best part. The deal hasn’t yet been finalized, but the Iranians are reaping the profits and we get–promises. No, wait, this is the best part: The Iranians are saying that the U.S. version is incorrect, and they still get to enrich plutonium.

So what’s the end result of all this? Iran is going to pull back its nuclear program, right?


Coming off its deal with the P5+1 powers in which it secured $7 billion in sanctions relief, Iran will build a second nuclear reactor at Bushehr.

“Based on our estimates, the second nuclear power plant will be built in the same province (Bushehr) and I hope that we can use the facilities of this province,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told Fars over the weekend.

Has Obama reacted publicly with outrage to this news? Of course not. Iran is an enemy, not an ally. Why would Obama treat him badly?

Let us not forget, over 80 percent of American Jews voted for Obama. And just look what that got you.

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