The most frightening analysis you’ll ever read

Lee Smith is a superb Middle East analyst. He’s been moving up in the world of journalism for years, deservedly so. And he has written the most frightening analysis of Obama’s Middle East policy I’ve ever read. According to Lee, Obama has deliberately betrayed America’s allies in the Middle East in order to remake it into a multipolar region–in other words, “fundamentally transforming” the way America deals with the Middle East. This is why Obama was secretly holding talks with Iran for the past two years. Read it in full, but here’s the part that should scare you to death.

Virtually every move Obama made regarding Syria was calculated to keep the Iranians at the table, while he fended off domestic opponents on Capitol Hill and circled traditional allies. The White House engineered an almost two-year long information campaign exaggerating the al Qaeda element in Syrian rebel units to push back against U.S. domestic critics like Sen. John McCain demanding more robust assistance in helping to topple Assad. In the same vein, the White House moved against Gulf Arab allies, like Kuwait, to close down private donors and charities from assisting Salafist groups fighting Assad. Turkey was also told to get in line behind the administration. After several leaks suggesting that Ankara’s intelligence chief Hakan Fidan was reckless and untrustworthy, the Turks showed their willingness to comply with the White House’s pro-Iran policy by firing on Salafist units to whom they’d previously turned a blind eye. What we see now is that the White House’s problem with Salafist fighters in Syria was less with their ideological character than the fact they were instruments—and among the most effective—employed by a Sunni consortium determined to crush an Iranian ally. To show his bona fides to Tehran, Obama not only refrained from assisting rebel units, he prevented others from doing so as well.

After all, the administration collaborated with an Islamist organization every bit as vicious, and much more dangerous than al Qaeda, when the CIA shared information with Hezbollah, Iran’s long arm in Lebanon, to warn of an impending al Qaeda operation against Hezbollah targets. If the White House never tipped off Hezbollah or the Iranians prior to Israeli strikes on convoys carrying strategic weapons from Syria to Hezbollah, they nonetheless repeatedly leaked to the press after the fact that Israel was responsible. Jerusalem was frantic, fearing that broadcasting their military operations might compel Assad or Hezbollah to seek retaliation. But the administration had other priorities than to keep their traditional ally out of war—to indicate to the Iranians that, if necessary, Obama was able and willing to deter the Israelis.

I did not know that the CIA warned Hezbollah it was on al Qaeda’s hit list. Stop and think for a moment. Hezbollah is the terrorist organization responsible for the death of nearly two hundred American soldiers in Beirut. The Obama administration warned them that al Qaeda was going to attack them. And the administration has been deliberately leaking intel on Israeli attacks against Syria–to please its Iranian partners.

This is an unbelievable betrayal of American allies. No wonder Israel is cozying up to China and Russia. Obama is pushing them into other nations’ arms.

This is despicable. And this is what over 80% of American Jews voted for. Are you ashamed of yourselves yet? You voted for the man who is betraying Israel–and the rest of the Middle East.

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  1. This has become confusing, the many characters. So if .. al-Qaeda didn’t carry out the 9/11 Attacks, who *did*? It was – how you say? – “false flag” op by Hezbollah? This is explosive .. and completely ignored by Mainstream Media.

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