Tuesday, briefly

This Pope is Teh Awesome: He fires bishops for wrongdoing. He foregoes many of the trappings of the Popehood. He embraced a severely disfigured man and prayed with him. And now he says that Jews are the big brothers of Christians. I like this Pope. He had a great relationship with Jews in Venezeula, and he’s continuing that tradition as Pope. It’s nice to have someone on our side for a change.

And most U.S. Jews voted for him: The Obama Administration is now actively working against Israel’s interests regarding Iran, and John Kerry is flailing about telling Israel that if they don’t make peace with the Palestinians they’re going to bring on another terror war. (Awesome words from a diplomat, are they not? Almost as good as his insisting that there was another shooter in the JFK assassination.) Now that the barn door is open, however, American Jewish leaders are decrying the loss of the horse and slamming Horseface–I mean, Kerry. Even Jackson Diehl is mocking Obama’s efforts. Worst part of all of this: The Obama administration wants this deal because they want to prevent an Israeli strike on Iran, and a deal will effectively assure that. Gee. Wonder why the Iranians are smiling these days?

I hate Kim: Dennis Rodman’s bestest buddy ordered the executions of dozens of North Koreans for the horrible crime of–wait for it–watching foreign movies. If only this were true, and if only the next one succeeds:

In a new report, the Rand Corporation think tank claims that Kim survived an assassination attempt in 2012 and that his personal security has since been stepped up dramatically. The report concurs with South Korean intelligence sources that stated in March that a faction within the North Korean army had been involved in an attempt on Kim’s life in November of last year.

But you know what’s more important than trying to work on some of the world’s worst problems? Using the NSA to spy on world leaders. And oh yeah, the UN is too busy screwing over Israel to care about North Koreans being murdered for spurious reasons.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    It is no pleasure that those of us who voted against Obama while three quarters of the tribe voted for him, because he had a D behind his name and he is black, can now say “We told you so.” And you can bet that next time, they will do the same, and never reflect on how unwise they were in the last two elections, but go for the Dem no matter how hostile to Israel and the Jews he is.

    I think the political behavior of American Jews disproves the theory that Jews, on the average, have a higher intelligence than other groups of people.

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