The Arafat polonium blood libel

Here we go again. Did you know that Palestinians are blaming Israel for Arafat’s death?

Palestinians blame Israel for Arafat’s poisoning

Palestinians: Israel Only Suspect In Arafat Death

Come on.
Israel Accused of Killing Arafat by Palestinian Investigators

You’re kidding.
Israel ‘only suspect in Arafat death’

Who could have guessed this?
Israel is only to blame for Arafat’s death: Palestinian investigators

I mean, really. Aren’t you all as shocked as I am that the Palestinians are leaping all over this fraudulent polonium poisoning story?

Also, really, if Israel killed Arafat, it was the worst assassination ever. Why didn’t they kill him a dozen years earlier, before he could start the terror war? Why not kill him before he made sure that all Palestinian moderates were dead or threatened into submission? Why didn’t they kill him before he could ensure the ongoing incitement of Palestinian society against Israel? Boy, Israel, you really suck at assassination of terrorist.

Oh. Wait. No, you really don’t. You drop bombs on them when you really want them dead. And you knew exactly where Arafat was.

Please. I can’t stand that the world media thinks this is news, when it is clearly propaganda. Look at this drivel from the AP:

Tirawi, meanwhile, was evasive when asked repeatedly whether he believed Arafat was killed by polonium.

“It is not important that I say here that he was killed by polonium,” he said. “But I say, with all the details available about Yasser Arafat’s death, that he was killed, and that Israel killed him.”

And this:

Arafat died on Nov. 11, 2004 at a French military hospital, at the age of 75, a month after falling ill at his West Bank compound. At the time, French doctors said he died of a stroke and had a blood-clotting problem, but records were inconclusive about what caused that condition.

He was old and in ill health. So of course the Israelis killed him.


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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    I thought he died of AIDS. The polonium story has more holes in it that the PLO’s financial controls.

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