Wednesday briefs

Yeah, but watch out for the knife in the back: Israeli Energy Minister Silvan Shalom says everyone wants to hug Israel now that it’s going to be a natural gas exporter. See title. I know that the rules of the game will begin to change, but hatred of Jews is so deep-seated that a fuel exporter Israel will only be somewhat less hated than the tech exporter Israel currently is. What is going to change is the influence of Arab/Islamic Oil as the Israeli gas field and other forms of fuel get a bigger share of the market. Now that is something I’m looking forward to–only second to the day that a nice, Jewish boy discovered the alternative fuel method we’re all waiting for that will knock the bottom out of the oil market forever, and turn the oil ticks back into nomads that nobody cares about again.

This is why Obamacare went so badly wrong: Megan McArdle is one of my favorite analysts. Read her analysis of how badly the Obama administration blew bringing the ACA to life, and why, and you’ll see why I like her so much. And for kicks and giggles, read this about debt.

Oh, but surely they mean Zionists, not Jews: BDSholes are deliberately evoking Nazism by putting yellow stickers on Israeli products in supermarkets. Because it’s not like Jews had to wear yellow Stars of David in Nazi Germany or anything. Oh. Wait. True story: The first year I was in Richmond, a supermarket put up yellow paper stars advertising kosher products. I had a quiet talk with the manager about how some people might get the wrong impression. He said, “Oh!” and took them down. The Irish assholes aren’t doing it out of ignorance, you can be sure.

But Jimmy Carter said they wanted peace! So, Hamas, Jimmy Carter’s favorite group of terrorists since the death of Yasser Arafat, are now issuing textbooks that call the Torah and Talmud fabrications, and call for “restistance” against Israel. Yep, no problem, John Kerry, there will be peace really soon. Really. Isn’t it amazing how they simply choose to overlook the terrorist in the room that is the Gaza Strip?

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The polonium that was planted on Yasser Arafat’s clothing years after his death is what that Suha is claiming killed him. Can you say, “This won’t make you relevant, dearie”? I knew you could.

Just in case you thought Iran was moderating: It isn’t.

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