Sunday briefs

But it will be okay, because a Swedish journalist is optimistic about European anti-Semitism: Nearly a quarter of European Jews now hide their identity while in public. The figure rises to 40% in France. In Sweden, the numbers rise to 49%. But it’s okay, because a Christian journalist in Sweden is optimistic that things are getting better–because when he disguised himself as a kippa-wearing Jew, no one beat him up. You know what thought just occurred to me? The pogroms are coming.

But it’s not anti-Semitism, it’s anti-Zionism: A relative of the first Arab honored as a Righteous Gentile by Yad Vashem told Israel to stick its award and recognition. Because Israel.

Hassan said the family wasn’t interested in the award from Israel because relations between Egypt and Israel remain hostile, despite a peace treaty signed more than three decades ago. But, she cautioned, “I respect Judaism as a religion and I respect Jews. Islam recognizes Judaism as a heavenly religion.”


Oh, dig through the archives yourself, I’m tired today: Say, remember when Jimmy Carter insisted that Hamas was willing to make peace with Israel? And remember how I said he was wrong? Yeah, he’s still wrong. Hamas is calling for a new “intifada” and he spoke quite clearly about how he will never, ever make peace with Israel. Remember this the next time some moron insists that Hamas is moderating:

Haniyeh stressed that his government would not accept anything less than the “restoration of all Jerusalem and the establishment of a Palestinian state on the entire Palestinian soil, with the return of the refugees to their homeland.”

Yeah, that’s the end of Israel, period.

By the way, the AP whitewash continues. They printed a four-paragraph story about the above and had this to say about Hamas on Israel:

The Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, does not recognize Israel and calls for its destruction. It was responsible for scores of suicide bombings and other attacks against Israel last decade.

As far as I know, the AP has never published a single quote of a Hamas leader such as the one above–which would establish absolutely that there can never be peace with Hamas.

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