Thursay briefs

So when does Israel get to declare Turkey an enemy? Turkey betrayed an Israeli spy ring to Iranian authorities last year, severely damaging Israel’s intelligence gathering in Iran, not to mention damaging Israel’s and the U.S. effort to stop the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons. Of course Turkey denies it and says it’s just to make them look bad. But sure, let’s pretend Turkey’s Islamist leaders are the West’s allies. Because all allies betray spy rings like that. Oh. Wait.

Of course they wanted another Gilad Shalit: Why wouldn’t Hamas want to kidnap more Israeli soldiers? They got thousands of terrorists, including mass murderers, released in exchange for one soldier. So of course they took advantage of Israel letting construction materials into Gaza to use 500 tons of cement meant to rebuild civilian homes to fortify a mile-long terror tunnel, 300 meters of which were underneath Israeli territory. And oh yeah, it’s a violation of the cease-fire. But when did that ever matter to Palestinians? The PA has been violating Oslo for years, and nobody cares.

Where’s the outrage? Say, remember the world outrage when Mossad agents were found to have forged passports from other nations to get into Dubai and kill a master terrorist? Remember how Australia and the EU simply frothed at the mouth over this horrible crime and threatened to expel Israeli diplomats from many countries? Think they’ll get upset about Iranians caught using forged Israeli passports? Nah, me neither. Because what time is it, folks? That’s right, it’s Israeli Double Standard Time. But don’t worry, it only occurs on days that end with a “y”.

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