The missing news from the AP

What’s missing from this AP article? Here’s the lead:

The Israeli military has discovered an underground tunnel dug out from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into Israel, the army said Sunday, adding it believes militants had intended to use the tunnel to attack or kidnap Israelis.

In response, the military froze the transfer of all construction materials to the Palestinian territory, the army said. A Hamas military spokesman in Gaza, Abu Obeida, was defiant over the tunnel discovery, saying on his official Twitter account that “thousands” more tunnels would be dug out.

And here’s the relevant paragraph.

The military said it waited a week to publicize the discovery because a search for explosives was underway. The army said an elite engineering corps was sent into the tunnel, but would not say whether explosives were found.

Let’s head on over to Ynet, shall we?

Here’s the headline and blurb:

IDF uncovers terror tunnel in Israel

Gaza tunnel laden with explosives uncovered near Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha; likely meant to serve terrorists in high-profile attack on Israeli kindergarten in next round of violence

And here’s the lead:

Cleared for publication: IDF forces uncovered a tunnel laden with explosives in the Gaza vicinity area on Thursday. It is estimated it was meant to serve terrorists in a high-profile attack on an Israeli kindergarten.

The tunnel, 2.5 kilometers long, connects the Absan village situated between Khan Younis and the Gaza border fence, and Israel’s Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha. Over the weekend, troops held extensive checks along the tunnel to dismantle the explosives and locate the many holes that had been dug in it.

Huh. Imagine that. The Israeli military shared details with Ynet, an Israeli newspaper, but not with AP, a world news service.

A quick search of Google News shows that the JPost had this story seven hours ago. So I dug around. The earliest AP release I could find was under seven hours ago. Same wording–the military “would not say whether explosives were found”. Like it’s a big secret.

AP tunnel story

So I looked for a later story. Here’s one from 28 minutes before post time. It still contains the same wording about the military’s refusal to confirm the explosives.

Tunnel story

The military said it waited a week to publicize the discovery because a search for explosives was underway. The army said an elite engineering corps was sent into the tunnel, but would not say whether explosives were found.

Amazing. The AP sends out updates without updating the information, or changing the lead. Because the lead should have been on the same lines as the Ynet and JPost stories: Israel found a tunnel from Gaza to Israel, packed with explosives, that was going to be used for terror attacks on Israel.

According to the IDF, the tunnel has several exit points. IDF sources said the tunnel was dug in recent years for “strategic” purposes and was aimed at serving Hamas in the next round of violence against the IDF.

And also that bogus “The IDF is killing farmers” story has been exposed.

“The tunnel was exposed in time and a disaster has been averted,” said Eshkol Regional Council head Haim Yalin. “The cooperation between farmers plowing the fields near the border and the IDF has proven itself.”

But the AP can’t be bothered to cover that aspect of things. Because it exposes the Palestinian terrorists for what they are, and points out that the peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel are pointless, because Hamas will never make peace with Israel. And that, the AP must never publish. Because the truth simply doesn’t fit the narrative.

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2 Responses to The missing news from the AP

  1. Empress Trudy says:

    Here’s what you do – stuff all the BDStards and the staff of the BBC, NYT and Guardian in the tunnel and seal the end in Israel. They can walk to the other side to the bright shining city on the hill they call occupied Gaza.

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    Aimed at a kindergarten, eh? Doesn’t surprise me a bit. The Arabs love to kill Jewish children. From at least Ma’alot onward it has been their pride to do so, and they name schools and other public amenities after great jihadist heros who murder five-year olds in their beds or gun down school children.

    Of course, the jihadists can be equal opportunity murderers. A recent massacre of Alawites by Sunni jihadists affiliated with Al Qaida at Latakia in Syria, I read, included 11 children and 46 women among the 190 people they gunned down. Assad murders noncombattants with aircraft, artillery and gas delivered by Russian rockets (specially designed for the purpose). The rebels murder noncombattants with guns. They key word is: murder.

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