A year tomorrow

The Catmage ChroniclesMy first novel will have been out a year tomorrow. If some of you haven’t bought it yet, well, now’s the time to raise my monthly average for the first year’s sales.

You can get it on Amazon, Kobo, or B&N, in print and ebook. You can also order it from your favorite independent bookstore.

I am only a short way from earning out the cost of the cover illustration. Not bad for an unknown author’s first book.

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3 Responses to A year tomorrow

  1. Grantman says:

    Haven’t dropped by for a while, Meryl. When’s the second one coming out?

  2. Sometime next month. You can join an email notification list on my writing blog

  3. Grantman says:

    Thanks! Just in time for Thanksgivukkah. :-)

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