Thursday briefs

Trolling the Iranians: The Obama Administration is so good at choosing gifts. Just ask the Brits. Now, it turns out that supposed million-dollar antique Obama gave to Rouhani? Fake. Yes, I laughed.

Smart power! The best thing about the Obama administration suspending some military aid to Egypt? They’ve managed to piss off everyone in Egypt. Oh yeah–the Saudis are against the Brotherhood, and Israel is against cutting aid to Egypt. Awesome job, Kerry. Awesome.

Just imagine the outrage if Israel did this: Egyptian soldiers are basically using a scorched earth policy to rid the Sinai of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists–but of course, the world isn’t interested in that kind of brutality. Because it isn’t Americans or Israelis doing it.

Guess the world is bored with it now: Oh, look. Another show trial in Turkey over the Marvelous Marmalade incident. Their level of excellence is astonishing. One witness says Israelis fired from the helicopters. The exact quote: “He must have been shot from the air.” From a doctor? No, an anti-Israel “activist” who was on the ship.

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