Tuesday briefs

Spying and lying: Israel caught an Iranian spy. It’s a huge thing, but look at the way NBC downplays Israel’s authenticity by using the weasel words “alleges” and “was said to be”. This, on an article that shows the pictures the spy took of the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv. Of course, the spy says he’s just an ordinary businessman. Yeah, someone who likes to take pictures of Tel Aviv airport and the U.S. Embassy.

Shutdown? Yeah, if it’s a shutdown, howcome I worked on a government website today? Funny, I thought the world was supposed to end. On the other hand, Obamacare exchanges are totally screwed up. Great work, Feds! You are teh awesome. Did you hear the Post Office needs another rate hike to survive?

American Jews: Assimilation continues apace. Except, of course, for the Orthodox. Far too many American Jews consider themselves “cultural” Jews, not religious Jews. Well, when you take out the religion, you take out the heart and meaning of being a Jew. Sorry, people, but cultural Jews have the worst of both worlds: People still hate you, and you’re doing nothing to keep Judaism alive. I may not be the most religious of Jews, but I go to synagogue often. It’s not just JCCs. Think I’m exaggerating? When nearly 1 in 3 Jews has a Christmas tree, you are no longer celebrating Judaism. You’re over the line.

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