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Yeah, eff you all for this: Russia refuses to give Chabad the library that used to belong to Rabbi Schneerson. America is actually sending Jewish artifacts back to Iraq–where there are no more Jews–instead of to Israel, where most of those Jews reside. Every other nation in the world manages to get back its artifacts. But of course, the Exception Clause is always in effect for Jews and Israel. And those are only two examples of our holy books and precious historical objects that were stolen from us in the pogroms and the Holocaust that will not be returned to us now.

Can we call them subhumans now? Islamic terrorists tortured victims–Christians, not Muslims–before they killed them in the Kenya shopping mall. They’re blowing up Christians in Pakistan for the crime of–being Christians. They deliberately tried to “cleanse” a town in Syria of Christians. Bombs are exploding in Baghdad on a regular basis now. And now they murdered 50 Nigerian students in their dormitories while they slept. That last? Because Boko Haram is against Western education. You know, the kind that cures polio, improves agriculture, trains doctors–all things that Africa still desperately needs.

Some columnists are raising questions. But you won’t see this in the New York Times.

But consider what happened: two men strapped with explosives walked into a group of men, women and children who were queuing for food and blew up themselves and the innocents gathered around them. Who does that? How far must a person have drifted from any basic system of moral values to behave in such an unrestrained and wicked fashion? Yet the Guardian tells us it is “moral masturbation” to express outrage over this attack, and it would be better to give into a “sober recognition that there are many bad things we can’t as a matter of fact do much about”. This is a demand that we further acclimatise to the peculiar and perverse bloody Islamist attacks around the world, shrug our shoulders, put away our moral compasses, and say: “Ah well, this kind of thing happens.”

But you know, since it’s not Israel or the West doing the killing, apparently, the world doesn’t give a shit. I have yet to hear of a UN resolution condemning the murder of Christians throughout the Muslim world. In fact, we don’t even hear from Christian churches in the U.S., although they’re first in line to slam Israel over the Palestinians.

This is despicable. Israel is helping Christians in the Middle East more than any other nation. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the population of Christians is growing, not shrinking. But sure, pile on Israel and ignore the jihadist in the room. Soon, the only Christians in Muslim nations will be tourists. If the jihadis allow it.

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  1. Empress Trudy says:

    Not to put too fine a point on it but Boko Haram more or less means “Destroy the West” so if our better moral angels in the west don’t hear that or understand or dwell on it or worry about it then that, as they say is that. Let the liberal church leaders sizzle and fry. Let them dance around a pile of skulls of their own parishioners lopped off on YouTube by the very same Muslim fanatic retards they’re defending. It’s impossible to care about it more than they don’t. If that means they have stupid meeting once a month where they all get together and argue which one of them hates Jews more, so be it.

  2. Herschel says:

    Meryl, the hypocrisy of the world towards the Jewish people and Israel is so great that it cannot be measured. The Holocaust temporarily reduced the hatred but never cured it, and now with the last remaining Holocaust survivers dying off, the hatred of anti-Semitism is growing stronger daily.

    When my parents were alive I could not comprehend the depths of hatred that caused the Holocaust to occur, unfortunately, now I am beginning to understand how it happened. The difference now is NEVER AGAIN.

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