The What day is it today? Oh, yeah briefs

Well, I survived oral surgery, and best of all, so did my tooth, but my brain is mushy from yesterday’s painkillers. Also, my typing sucks. But you won’t notice that.

And yet, they’ll still make this a gun control issue: The Navy Yard shooter used his security clearance to get in and kill people, starting with his legally-bought shotgun. His arrest record should have prevented him from getting the security clearance needed to get inside. But don’t worry, the gun control fanatics are making this all about their issue, instead of noticing that Aaron Alexis shouldn’t even have been in the Navy, let alone given security clearance as a contractor.

Smart man: Jordan’s King Abdullah turned down hundreds of millions from Qatar to let Hamas re-establish offices in Jordan. I would point out that Qatar is the country that is bankrolling Al Jazeera America, and that bought Al Gore, I mean, Al Gore’s TV station for nearly half a billion dollars.

And the sun will set in the west: Norway’s going to continue to be one of the most anti-Israel, anti-Semitic nations in Europe. This is news because…?

Now that he’s failed with Syria, he wants to continue failing with Iran: President Obama is going to reach out to the Iranian leaders. Boy, the mullahs are laughing up a storm over there.

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5 Responses to The What day is it today? Oh, yeah briefs

  1. Veeshir says:

    Have you watched AJ American News?

    They’re actually easier for me to watch than MSNBC (not hard) or CNN (not much harder).

    It’s actually interesting. I haven’t watched a lot, but I have been impressed.

    Maybe it’s just because Obama is pres so their anti-Americanism coincides with my anti-Obamaism, but I’ve been surprised.

  2. I refuse to watch it out of sheer principle. I don’t want to give them the ratings.

  3. Gary Rosen says:

    What else would you expect from a country whose most famous historical person was Quisling?

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    Now Gary, that’s not really accurate. Harald Hardrada is pretty well known to the congnoscenti.

    As for WWII in Norway, I prefer to recall a Lieutenant Colonel Eriksen. He commanded the Oscarborg fortress in Oslofjord in 1940 when the Germans invaded. He had about one-third of the full garrison, all coastal artillery reservists and no infantry. When he heard the German task force was steaming up the fjord he resolved to fight.

    He could man only two of the three 11 inch cannons in the fort. As the German cruiser Blucher came into view he boresighted the 11 inchers himself and when the ship was centered ordered the shells loaded and fired. Hit by the shells, the Blucher drifted on fire and without power into the arc of fire of the fort’s torpedo battery. A spread of torpedos sank her. With her went down the task force’s admiral and the Gestapo detatchment tasked to arrest the King and the government. Consequently, they were able to escape capture and lead the struggle against the invaders.

    Eriksen had to surrender to infantry attack from the rear the next day. He was 65 years old in 1940. I don’t know what happened to him after, but I always hoped that the lived long enough to see Norway liberated in 1945.

    The story comes from MG J. L. Moulton, RM (ret.), “A Study of Warfare in Three Dimensions” which is a history of the Norwegian Campaign of 1940.

  5. Michael Lonie says:

    By the way, Meryl, this “Brief” series is very good, I like it. Keep up the good work.

    Hope you’re back drinking Coke soon.

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