Tuesday pre-dentist briefs

Today is not going to be a happy day. Oral surgery. Ugh.

I bet it was pretty smelly: A Daily News reporter reflects on the smelliness and futility that was Occupy Wall Street, which is apparently two years old today. Congratulations, occupiers! You have accomplished exactly nothing since then! That fact, of course, does not stop the narrative. The media is celebrating two years of, um, I’m not really sure, because Occupy didn’t do anything except annoy people and make headlines far out of proportion to its influence. And of course, Occupy is planning a rally. Because they have someone new to protest, or something. But hey, don’t let the fact that the occupiers accomplished absolutely nothing get in the way of pretending that it’s a viable movement.

Another nutjob: The Navy Yard shooter was mentally ill, but he seemed sharp as a tack when he planned his shooting rampage. The Navy apparently reduced costs on background checks on contractors–which is what Aaron Alexis was, a contractor with security clearance and access to the Navy Yard. He apparently bought his shotgun legally and picked up other weapons once he was inside the Yard.

Assad is laughing at us: While Barack Obama was being completely outmaneuvered by Vladimir Putin, Bashar al Assad was stepping up his game against the rebellion. (Which is at least 50% jihadis, FYI. These are the “rebels” that Obama wants to arm.) Oh, and Obama has waived the ban on arming terrorists so we can give these offshoots of al Qaeda American-made weapons. Because that worked so very well in Libya.

Really, Obama has turned this country into the laughingstock of the world. It’s embarrassing. He’s worse than Jimmy Carter, and that’s saying a lot.

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2 Responses to Tuesday pre-dentist briefs

  1. Veeshir says:

    I used to work for the feds and I had to get a background check.

    I had to meet with her in a secure area, you needed a badge to get in. She told me she didn’t have a badge so I would have to let her into the secure area with my badge.

    I wasn’t sure if it was a test or she was an idiot, but I told her I couldn’t do that, she was pretty surprised.
    As she was checking me for security purposes she asked me to do one of the worst things there is, securitarily speaking and it wasn’t a test to see if I would do it.

    We also had armed guards (after 9/11), my friend was doing the background checks on them, she told me to be afraid, very afraid, but I had a plan.

    If my office was attacked, my plan was to travel around taking guns from dead security guards to protect myself.

    When bureaucrats get involved in anything, stupidity, annoyances and counter-productive hoop-jumping are the least of the bad things that could happen.

  2. Shtetl G says:

    Get ready for blaming the sequester for the Naval Yards shooting. Because only the government spending more money that it does not have could have prevented this tragedy.

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