Thursday briefs

Punching back twice as hard: Jihadis fired rockets from Lebanon into Israel today. So the IDF fired back into Lebanon tonight. Watch for the condemnation of Israel tomorrow.

The peasants are revolting: An anti-Hamas group is modeling itself after the Egyptian rebellion and looking to overthrow Hamas. I hope they win. But it depends on how well-armed they are. Hamas has years of stockpiled weapons and materiel. Perhaps the rebels can steal it.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of terrorists: Hamas and Hezbollah are having problems. Something to do with Hezbollah supporting Assad and Hamas supporting the rebels. Hezbollah is now blaming Hamas for the bombs that went off in Beirut. Awww. I hope they keep on having them. And Iran, too!

It isn’t Nixon who’s the problem here: Listen to Kissinger agreeing with Nixon’s nasty remarks about American Jews.

The Atlantic highlighted a phone call with Jewish Assistant for National Security Affairs and head of the National Security Council at the time, Henry Kissinger, made on April 19, 1973, about an upcoming U.S.-Soviet summit, to which Nixon thought Jewish groups might object.

On the tapes, Nixon said, “Let me say, Henry, it’s gonna be the worst thing that happened to Jews in American history. If they torpedo this summit — and it might go down for other reasons — I’m gonna put the blame on them, and I’m going to do it publicly at 9 o’clock at night before 80 million people.” (“I agree completely,” Kissinger responded. “They brought it on themselves.”)

Eff you, Kissinger. Eff you.

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