The I’m finally done with all that other stuff briefs

It has been a hellish week for me. TGIF rarely means so much to me as it does today.

Taming the terrorists: Egypt and Israel are working together to rid the Sinai of its current terrorist infestation. Israel shut down Eilat Airport on the advice of the Egyptian military. And then Israel sent a drone to take out five terrorists and a rocket launcher in the Sinai. You know all those weapons that went missing in Libya and are going missing in Syria? Well, they’re showing up in Egypt and they’re aimed at Israeli air traffic. The Jihadis think it would be a great victory to destroy an Israeli airliner. I know that Israel now supplies its civilian airplanes with anti-missile defenses (and what other country in the world has to do that?), but that doesn’t mean they’re 100% terror-proof.

Jews and Muslims, working together: Now this is a very heart-warming story.

Speaking at one of the mosques, Sharif called on muezzins to avoid calls on loudspeakers throughout the Jewish High Holidays including on Yom Kippur.

He said he would repeat the instruction again to ensure it reaches all muezzins. “There are things we can do without for the benefit of our neighbors,” Sharif told Yedioth Ahronoth. “It’s important that we set an example for good neighborly relations.”

May the rest of Israel (and the Middle East!) someday be like Haifa.

Israeli Double Standard Time: If Israel kills Palestinians, it’s a war crime. When Hamas executes prisoners “as an example” to others, Amnesty merely finds it “deeply disturbing“. Double standard? You bet your double chin, there is.

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